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Prodality mission statement: “To empower people with great ideas and help bring their vision to life”

Prodality is a technology services company that specializes in web-based software and mobile applications. We regularly identify opportunities where online technological solutions can simplify everyday tasks.

We approach projects in a five-step process:

1. Clearly identify a market need that can be solved by software

These needs exist everywhere; it’s just a matter of thinking critically about everyday challenges. Sometimes the simplest problems present the best opportunities for great solutions.

2. Define a solution

We lay out the minimum product attributes required to solve the need, then build clarity around why each attribute is necessary.

3. Find a paying customer

We refuse to build solutions no one will use. Identifying an early adopter who is committed to pay before the solution is built is the best way to ensure its success.

4. Build the solution with the customer

A solution is most successful when developed with the target customer in mind. We take this a step further and work directly with the customer – identifying his or her pain points, integrating his or her experiences into the product, and ultimately making sure the solution produced is one that will be used. We also often ask initial customers to join our advisory boards for continuous involvement.

5. Bring the solution to market

Once the product is deployed to our initial customers, efforts shift from product development to business development. We leverage the value obtained from initial customers to generate sales on a broader customer base.


We look for partnerships with cutting-edge entrepreneurs who are passionate about highly scalable products that solve unmet needs in the web space. Our partnerships are formed in the truest sense – by becoming fully invested in the business and offering essential resources. We take an equity stake in each partnership and tie ourselves to the company’s overall performance. We’re here to share the risk, not just the reward.

Take a look through some of our current projects, or contact us today to discuss your ideas.

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