BookBottles: the premier VIP management software for nightclubs


Nightclubs worldwide are not maximizing their full profit potential. Why? It all comes down to logistics. Most clubs are not currently storing guest profiles efficiently, making it laborious to identify high-profile guests at the door and serve them with the VIP status they deserve. What’s more is staff is not equipped with the technology necessary to provide seamless VIP service. This translates to lost opportunities and revenue.



BookBottles makes the entire bottle service experience seamless for nightclubs and their clients. Our premier service enables nightclubs to easily manage reservations, table inventory, guest lists, client profiles and transactions to ensure their staff knows every client on a personal basis. Our software also uncovers key analytics such as: average spend per night, average reservation size, frequency of client visits to the club, and even buying habits. What’s more is nightclub managers and staff are able to manage multiple functions in one easy-to-use platform, including the point of sale. Now that’s VIP service.


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