Foodsby: a restaurant delivery platform


Employees deserve to have a variety of lunch options at their disposal. But this often requires them to drive to and eat at a restaurant, and there isn’t always time to do so. Deliveries are convenient, but variety in the delivery field is lacking. Many restaurants don’t have the capacity nor the desire to enter the delivery field, and those that do often deliver multiple times to the same location in a short amount of time.



The Foodsby delivery service benefits both the restaurant and consumers. Most other delivery services are geared toward solely the consumer. Foodsby is geared toward both. We believe if restaurants are able to pick the time they are willing to deliver to a given location, the majority of people would simply order at the same time. This means multiple orders without multiple deliveries.

The restaurant is able to customize its delivery schedule to work within its means. It gets to select:

  • What day(s) it will deliver, to which location(s) and at what time(s)
  • The menu from which customers order
  • When orders must be placed
  • The maximum amount of orders that can be placed

With our restaurant-controlled delivery platform, restaurants that previously weren’t in the delivery field now have the opportunity to reach a broader audience. As for the consumers, they get the variety they want delivered to their convenient location.

Visit to see the solution in action.

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