LunchBox: a restaurant menu platform


Online restaurant menus come in all sizes and formats, causing a variety of complications for consumers and restaurants alike. Internet browser and mobile compatibility issues make finding, viewing and reading menus difficult and frustrating. On top of that, restaurants must manage its menu across various inconsistent online platforms. Keeping track of and regularly updating multiple menus is a time-consuming and stressful task.



LunchBox mitigates the hassle of inconsistent menu formats and offers a dynamic set of services to both restaurants and consumers. Using the online platform, restaurants are able to:

  • Keep all digital menus current and correctly formatted using the LunchBox Menu Widget
  • Conduct targeted, relevant, proximity-based advertising to increase restaurant traffic
  • Easily accept online and mobile orders

While consumers can:

  • View restaurant menus in a standard platform both from a computer and mobile device
  • Order online or via mobile device to expedite waiting times
  • Search menu items based on location, ingredients and customer reviews

Visit to see the solution in action.

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