WaitMaster: a digital restaurant reservation system


Waiting to be seated at a restaurant can be time-consuming and limiting. Today, patrons either receive a pager or simply wait to be seated– both of which require the patron to be in the restaurant. From the restaurant perspective, tracking reservations via traditional pen and paper is wasteful, wait times are often inaccurately communicated and collecting valuable guest data is currently not available.



WaitMaster simplifies the waitlist process for restaurant professionals and consumers alike. Now, restaurants can better manage guest reservations while having the ability to:

  • Quickly enter guest information upon arrival
  • Accurately track wait times to better communicate expectations with guests
  • Conveniently page guests with text messages and/or emails when tables are ready
  • Easily access member database to obtain guest information, such as contact information, number of visits or any special needs
  • Seamlessly send guest dining experience surveys after each visit

Meanwhile, consumers are able to:

  • Easily make reservations online or through text
  • Stay current with waiting times via text messages or emails
  • Be alerted via text message or email when the reserved table is ready
  • Look-up multiple restaurant waiting times in real-time
  • Opt-in to receive restaurant promotions

WaitMaster’s simple interface requires little training from restaurant staff and works solely off a computer or tablet for easy integration. Visit www.waitmaster.com/admin to see the solution in action, or contact us to receive a demo account.

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